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Adoptable Animals



3 year old, Staffordshire Terrier

Azlo is a big boy and loves to be around people. He is not good with other dogs so he would need to be the only pet in the house.

Up to date on all shots, Neutered 



3 year old, Shepherd mix

Blaze is the sweetest dog, he is so friendly, loves other dogs, and loves people. He will make someone very happy!

Up to date on all shots, Neutered



7 Year old, Husky/Pit mix

Nigel loves his toys and loves playing in the water. He has so much personality and is so sweet. He is not dog friendly.

Up to date on all shots, Neuterd



2 Year old, Kelpie mix

Fritz is a very interesting dog, he has a lot of personality, he loves to play and go on walks, he is a great dog. He is not dog friendly.

Up to date on all shots, Neutered 



2 years old, Australian Shepherd/ cattle dog

Lokey is a very sweet boy that is full of energy! He definitely needs a home where he can get a lot of exercise and play time. Lokey is good with children also! Lokey does have a high prey drive which that breed normally does, so he needs to be the only pet in the household



7 years old, boxer/terrier

Precious is such a fun dog! She loves to run around and be with people. She is great with kids, and gets along with calm dogs. She is a very sweet girl!



1.5 years old, Lab/Shepherd

Tux is a gentle dog who loves to be with his people. He loves going on walks, he is great with dogs and is sweetest as can be!




7 years old, Coonhound

Clark is a great dog with a big voice box haha. He's very sweet and loves people, he is a little selective on what dogs he likes and doesn't like so a meet and greet with your dog would be the best idea if interested in Clark!



2 years old, Coonhound

Lewis is so so sweet, he does bark a lot but will also give you lots of kisses. Lewis is dog friendly!



3 years old, Boxer mix

Nuke is a great dog but also has lots of energy, he loves going on walks and running around, he loves giving lots of kisses to the volunteers. Nuke is a more dominate dog, he does great with dogs, but he will butt heads if theres another dominate dog 



2 years old, Boxer mix

She is the sweetest little girl, she has played with EVERYONE, and she loves it! She is so loving and sweet and will give you lots of kisses!


Kay K

3 years old, Lab mix

Kay K is a such a sweetheart, she loves going on walks, playing with other dogs, and getting love from people. She is also really calm and would be the perfect couch potato



3 years old, Lab mix

Arlow is a very relaxed dog who loves unlimited attention! She is very sweet and is dog friendly

After you fill out the application please email it to


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